How To Eat Papaya Seeds In order to Detoxify Your Liver, Kidneys As Well As Heal Your Digestive System!

People have recognized the amazing properties of papaya fruits for centuries and enjoyed their unique, musky taste. This exotic pear-shaped fruit is also known as Carica papaya (also known as papaw or pawpaw) and is native to Mexico.

It is a powerful natural remedy for cancer, digestive issues, wounds, hypertension, and heart disease, since it is abundant in nutrients, like carotenes, vitamin C, flavonoids such as folate, pantothenic acid, and B vitamins, and minerals, like magnesium, copper, and potassium.

The flesh of papaya is orange, with pink or yellow hues, while the seeds are black and round, with strong bitter taste. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the benefits of the papaya seeds and throw them away.

Therefore, read on to find out more about these seeds and their qualities:

Antibacterial and antiviral properties

A tablespoon of papaya seeds protects against viral infections, germs like Staph, Salmonella, dengue, and E. coli.


The fresh seeds of raw papaya fruits are full of antioxidants, flavonoid compounds, and phenolic acid compounds, that prevent free radical damage and inhibit abnormal cancer cells and tumors.

Isothiocyanates found in these seeds potentially treat leukemia, colon, breast, lung, and prostate cancer.

Treat inflammation

The potent anti-inflammatory properties of papaya seeds soothe asthma, gout, and arthritis pain, due to the presence of enzymes like papain and chymopapain. The seeds soothe the swelling, redness, pain, and prevent joint diseases.

Regulate blood pressure

Carpaine, a compound in papaya seeds lowers systolic and diastolic high blood pressure.

Protect the kidneys

The juice of papaya seeds improves the function of the kidneys and prevents renal failure.

Eliminate parasites and worms

The proteolytic enzymes in papaya seeds destroy intestinal parasites, break down undigested protein waste in the food, and kill parasites and their eggs.

Improve vision

These healthy seeds treat eye disorders, as they regenerate the cells and provide high amounts of nutrients needed for a healthy vision. They are a natural remedy for any eye-related diseases such as cataracts.

Strengthen bones

Papaya seeds are extremely high in calcium and protein, so they strengthen the bones and muscles and prevent related issues or disorders.

Liver protection

Papaya seeds detoxify the body and cleanse the liver, treating cirrhosis, and improving its function.

Relieve Menstrual Pain

The consumption of the seeds of papaya has been found to soothe menstrual pain and to ease PMS symptoms, like fatigue and menstrual cramps.

Improve digestion

Papaya seeds are rich in proteolytic enzymes like papain, glycyl endopeptidase, chymopapain, and caricain, that cleanse the body and support digestion.

Natural contraceptive

The consumption of a tablespoon of these beneficial seeds will reduce the sperm production and still not affect the libido.

Prevent Aging

The amino acids in papaya seeds, like glycine, and leucine, are excellent for the skin, as they slow down aging, and prevent wrinkles.

Treat Acne

The consumption of papaya seeds helps you clear and the skin and treats pimples and acne. You can also mix papaya leaves and papaya seeds in a blender, add some water and apply the mixture to the face. Leave it to act for 10 minutes, and rinse it off.

How to use papaya seeds

To enjoy the beneficial properties of papaya seeds, you can simply scoop them directly from the fruit and consume them raw, or add them to various meals.

Just pound them using a mortar or pestle, dry them under the sun or with a dehydrator, grind them, and add a tablespoon of the powder to soups, smoothies, shakes, salads, and stews.

Make sure you start with a tablespoon daily, and gradually increase the dosage to two tablespoons since they have a strong taste. Also, avoid them during breastfeeding and pregnancy.