A Simple Japanese Move, Which Helps Lose Tummy Fat

We are constantly being told that there is no shortcut to success, and a tight and toned belly can be achieved by regular exercise and a strict diet only.

Yet, there is a popular Japanese weight loss technique that requires minimal efforts and time and provides excellent effects in terms of burning fat in the abdominal area.

The origin of this method is associated with a famous Japanese actor Ryosuke. He was suffering from back pain and obesity, so his doctors revealed this technique, which is based on deep breathing.

He started practicing the respiratory gymnastics, and despite alleviating the pain in the back, he also lost the excess centimeters in the waist. He managed to lose 25 pounds in several weeks, and reduced the waist by 12 cm!

Therefore, you need to perform the exercise for 3-5 minutes daily, and it will help you get the slender waist of your dreams!

Here is how to perform this Japanese method for eliminating belly fat:

  1. In a standing position, push one leg forward, and keep the other back.
  2. Then, strain the buttocks, and transfer the body weight to the back foot.
  3. Inhale slowly for 3 seconds, while raising the arms above the head.
  4. Then, start exhaling for 7 seconds, straining all the body muscles.

For best effects, perform this technique in the morning, before your breakfast, and while in a good mood. Yet, you can practice it at any convenient time during the day.

These breathing techniques became known as the Long Breath Diet, and they teach how to start stomach-breathing, as most of us are lung-breathers, which is inefficient since it uses the top lung lobes.

On the other hand, stomach breathing uses the whole lung, which increases the oxygen blood levels by 20%, treats anxiety and fatigue, helps weight loss, and increases metabolism.

Try it today, and you will get impressive effects!